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Walking + Talking

Whoa. Time is flying by. She went from taking cautious steps, to running (like Naruto) and pacing like an old man, zero to a hundred real quick. Things are happening so quickly that I can’t seem to write fast enough to keep up. There are lots of times where I look at her and I’m like, I can’t believe I have a toddler. It doesn’t even seem like that long

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Night Terrors

One of the things no one warned me about were night terrors. When the little one was sick, with probably a combination of HFM and an ear infection, I noticed that she wasn’t sleeping through the night. She would wake up screaming and crying, and no amount of comfort helped. It only made it worse. Then we realized…she wasn’t really awake. Her eyes were closed, and she wasn’t responding (like

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Hand Foot Mouth Disease

The germs are here. Summer germs. Apparently, Hand Foot Mouth disease is a summer virus. And my tiny little one got it. And in my eyes, she got it bad. A big brother of a kid in her daycare got it from his preschool and it spread like wildfire. Everyone I talked to said their daycare also had an outbreak. I guess it’s nothing to be alarmed about, it’s all

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Baby Steps

I didn’t think she would ever walk. Part of me really wanted her to, part of me really didn’t want her to. Stay my little baby forever. But it’s happened. She started walking along things and then one day when she thought we weren’t looking took a few steps on her own. It was a happy yet terrifying moment for us. For those of you that follow me on either

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Baby Teeth

Guys. My kid has a lot of teeth. I don’t know if it’s normal, but her friends don’t have this many yet. She’s got both her molars and 4 top, 4 bottom, and her pediatrician said her canines are coming in. She can, for the most part, chew anything. It’s scary. Mostly because I am worried about how to take care of it since she doesn’t really know how to

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